RCD Testing

RCD Safety Switches protect from potential harm due to electrical faults. RCD Testing is a requirement under the Australian Standards AS/NZ 3760:2010 and is completed periodically as detailed in the standards. Repairs are quoted on site and can be completed the same day by our qualified operatives.

Portable Appliance Testing

PAT ensures the functionality & safety of all your electrical appliances. Circuit Connects trained technicians provide periodic testing of appliances for faults and defects protecting users from potential risk. All PAT testing is completed using Seaward PT300 testers and in accordance with the Australian Standard AS/NZ 3760:2010.

Emergency & Exit Light Testing

Emergency & Exit testing is essential in ensuring the safety of everybody under your care and should be a main part of your annual and semi-annual maintenance program. We ensure the effective operation of all your emergency & exit lights to make certain you are prepared in the event of an emergency. Our testing is completed in accordance with Australian Standards AS/NZS 2293.1.

Power Monitoring

Power monitoring records detailed data to determine the electrical loads within your switchboard. Our technicians connect our power monitoring equipment to your switchboard and record your usage for a specified period of time. The data is then analysed and report provided with information to help you put measures into place to protect your business continuity and on-going operating costs.


Circuit Connect provides thermal imaging services for your electrical and mechanical services switchboards. This infrared imaging is a useful diagnostic tool for identifying loading issues and provides recommendations to rectify these issues before they cause any major damage.

Power Quality Analysis

Using a Power Analysing tester our technicians monitor various electrical characteristics including; AC & DC Voltages, current drawn and power factor correction. We collect and analyse the results and identify any problems. Our technicians use their experience and knowledge to provide you with recommendations to get the most out of your power and rectify any identified problems all in accordance with the highest standards.

Earthing Installation & Testing

Microwave Leakage Testing

Radiation can leak from microwave ovens, usually through the door seals. These leakages can potentially be quite harmful to users. We recommend a minimal annual test of these appliances.